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No one is left out of challenge and change, whether in your youth, or deep into your life path. Many people suffer from disconnection to passion and purpose. I am here to offer guidance that assists in bringing you closer to your truth, meaning and what matters most in life. My work is to help assist you in reconnecting to your deeper self.

My work is to assist you in reconnecting to your deeper self, discovering the wisdom of the body & living from your heart.

My methods are drawn from my experience with Esalen massage, embodiment, movement, meditation, midwifery and psychology studies.

After 50 years of studying, practicing and teaching somatic practices at Esalen, I am inspired to use the wisdom of these practices to help others through heart-felt coaching.

My coaching is somatically-based, grounded in the belief that the answers we seek can be found in the wisdom of the body.  By developing tools to help cultivate somatic awareness, personal and relational transformation is possible.  

Through deep listening and gentle guidance we will work together in order to attain embodied presence and self-acceptance. We will also work with movement, meditation, self-inquiry, and grounding methods.

In addition, we will explore heartfelt, honest and mindful communication to develop relational skills. With awareness of feelings, and skillful acknowledgment of them, we can communicate with wisdom, clarity and self-agency in our personal and professional lives.

Through embodiment, mindfulness, and compassionate connection, we will deepen our inner wisdom—experiencing our lives with an open and peaceful heart.

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What People Have To Say

Peggy is a guide of the highest order.  She listens from a deep and silent place within, and the healing begins. With her, you know you are on your way home to your true self. Her wisdom opens the way.

Susan Collin Marks – Search for Common Ground

Peggy is a person who has dedicated much of her life to being mindful as an embodied healer and teacher of healing arts, massage, movement, somatic practices, midwife, and the simple art of grounding. Peggy has had many years of experience practicing and teaching massage at Esalen Institute where she has long been held a positive place as a respected community member and teacher.

She has a gentle and kind nature. While she is humble, she is also very clear and skillful in her communication.

Richard Strozzi-Heckler , PHd. – American author, coach and consultant on "embodied leadership and mastery." Founder of Strozzi Institute, headquartered in Petaluma, CA

I have known and admired Peggy Horan for 50 years. She is an experienced, compassionate and dedicated teacher, mother, grandmother and author. With deep and wide experience on the cutting edge of the human potential and mindfulness movements at Esalen Institute, she is the rare embodiment of integral healing and grounding practices. Over the past five decades, countless women and men from all walks and stages of life have benefited from Peggy's vast wisdom and calming presence. Her current offerings are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for safe self-inquiry and personal growth.

Ken Dychtwald - PhD, Psychologist, Gerontologist, CEO of Age Wave and author of BODYMIND, Age Wave, With Purpose and Radical Curiosity: One Man’s Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life

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